Wish your reps could sell more?

Why are sales reps struggling when they have so many products to sell?

Chasing local advertising dollars is a whole new ballgame.

Free Report: 7 Steps to a Steady, Growing Stream of Local Advertising Revenue

Successfully driving local advertising revenue is not just an extension of what we are doing now.  This step-by-step blueprint shares the path papers of all shapes and sizes can use to stop struggling and start growing again.

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Read some feedback from newspapers that have implemented the 7 Steps in their organization:

[Since starting working with Jim Hart], instead of having no ads in our TMC, we are chock-full of ads in our TMC.  We were averaging about $160 per thousand households per week in revenue, and we immediately jumped to $280 per thousand per week in the first week of implementation.  A six-figure annualized increase, which in this size market, is huge.

Bill Cranford, Advertising Director - Index Journal of Greenwood, SC

Jim guides you through this program that touches on every aspect of sales.  He'll change your way of thinking about the whole sales process including analysis, retention, lead generation, P&D, high frequency, rate cards and compensation plans, and much more.  While some components of this program need to be planned out, other changes can be made almost immediately.

Sandy Sterner, Advertising Director, Press-Enterprise of Bloomsburg, PA

About a month into our relaunch, with only two zones live, we are at $11,800 a week in new ROP revenue and climbing.  All on board with 13 consecutive week agreements.

Stephanie Boggins, VP - Advertising, Memphis Commercial Appeal

I don't care how long you've been doing this or how successful your program is or isn't, he will change how you look at it, and it will change your results with new growth.

Scott Pompe, Senior VP - Advertising and Targeted Media, Los Angeles Times Media Group

I can truly say he has forgotten more than we know about the TMC and P&D business.

Ron Ulrich, Preprints Manager, Washington Post

Jim's program creates leverage that compounds the yield from our sales reps time.

Bruce Hartmann, CRO - Scripps