Getting Started with the Ad Market Share tracking program

Glad to have you on-board with the Ad Market Share tracking program.

Many newspapers already have a competitor collection process in place to use as a lead list – but our process is a bit more complex.

We do more than just list the advertisers; we weigh each piece and use pricing formulas to estimate revenue in each zone.

Please follow the directions below in order to get your property prepared for participation in the Ad Market Share Tracking program:

Step 1: Create your zones

Follow the instructions in the Zone Creation Process document to complete the Zone Creation Spreadsheet

Step 2: Appoint Your Collectors

We ask that you appoint 2 people who live in each zone as your designated collectors. The reasoning for doubling up is to make sure we get one complete package every week – even if someone is on vacation, sick, or doesn’t receive their Red Plum that week.

Please use this Excel template to provide us with contact information for all of these folks so that we can have automated reminder sequences warn them when ads are dropping. We also have a Process Tracking sequence that helps us keep track of when the packages were shipped out, so that we can ensure data entry on a timely basis.

Step 3: Get everyone acquainted with the process

Have everyone involved with the project watch this short video for a summary of what we need and why we need it.

Step 4: Email Dan the Zone Spreadsheet and the Collector Spreadsheet, so that we can create your market within our system.

Once you have created your zones and appointed your collectors, email both spreadsheets to so that Dan can add your information to our system.

We will then send you checklists to include with each bundle, as well as shipping and labeling instructions to ensure prompt processing of your packages.