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Creating the Best Strategy for YOUR Market

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The opportunity to drive local ad share is huge. Without the RIGHT strategy for YOUR market you will often find yourself spinning your wheels. We’ve found at least 7 factors that you need to take into account when putting together the strategy that will work best in your market.

While you can definitely learn from other markets, far too often I see papers copying tactics without first having the right strategy. This is like taking your neighbors prescription medicine because it made him feel better. What works great in one market can be downright dangerous in another. Certain combinations of tactics can create great leverage in one market and completely fail in another.

After this session, you will know where YOUR market stands on each of these 7 critical factors, which will guide you as you develop the strategy that’s going to make the most of your opportunity. Think of it as having a roadmap on how and what to copy or adapt to best fit your strategy. Where to start, what to roll out, etc., etc.