P and D of the Year – August Winners

Our winners of the best P and D for August are Candice Smythe and Mike Downing for their shared ad for Mattress Galaxy and Midwest Kia.

Candice had an infrequent advertiser (Mattress Galaxy) who were interested in running a P&D, but didn’t necessarily want to pay full price. She told them that, if they committed to 6 months, they could have one side and she’d try to find another advertiser who would be interested in the other.

Mike approached Midwest Kia with the offer to split the P&D and pay the other half of the normal price. They jumped at the opportunity, and Candice and Mike worked together to create a $24,000 sale. Great team work.

Listen to our phone interview with Candice and Mike where they talk more about the sale:

Click the block below to download a copy of Mike and Candice’s ad:


Here are some other great ads from August: