P and D of the Year – January Winners

Our winner of the best P and D for January is Marcella Ellis from the Sacramento Bee for CORT Furniture. This P and D drove such great results for CORT that they have now committed to a digital schedule with SacBee.com in addition to the P and D.

CORT hadn’t run with the Bee since 1999, and Marcella spent 3 years trying to get a meeting with them. Once she got to speak to a decision-maker and got the sale, they gave her a pre-approved ad from corporate that she knew wouldn’t drive results for them.

Not one to waste an opportunity, Marcella had an artist from the Bee create them some better creative. The revamped piece drove such powerful results that they felt it was a “no-brainer” to work with the Bee on digital as well.

Take a listen to this short phone interview with Marcella where we talk more about her sale:

Click the block below to download a copy of Marcella’s ad:


If you’d like to see the original artwork that Marcella decided to change, click here

Here are some other great ads from January:

Note that all of the entries we’re sharing have a significant number of print and hold drops – that’s how they are able to drive such big press runs.