P and D of the Year – May Winners

Our winner of the best P and D for May is Cathie Brown from the Bellingham Herald for Best Western Lakeway.

Cathie was trying to get a meeting with the owner of a local hotel. While waiting, she noticed that the lobby had recently been remodeled, and they were holding a Mother’s Day brunch event soon. She snapped pictures of the new lobby and the menu for the brunch before being informed that the owner was busy and couldn’t meet with her that day.

She went back to her office and whipped up a spec P&D with the Mother’s Day brunch menu on one side and information about the hotel on the other. The owner loved it, met with her right away, and ended up running full runs of P and D twice in April, twice in May, and is already working on more P and D promotions in July and September.

Listen to our phone interview with Cathie where she describes the sale:

Click the block below to download a copy of Cathie’s ad:


Here are some other great ads from May: