P and D of the Year – November Winners

Our winner of the best P and D for October is Pat Shemek of the Bradenton Herald for his ad for Manatee Technical College.

Manatee Technical College had run a 4-page ad with the Herald in the spring, and wanted to expand both the reach and impact of their November campaign. Pat helped them to create a 6 page custom print piece that went out to 70,000 households by combining the reach of the newspaper, the TMC, and their Sunday Select program.

They complemented this with a note on the front page of all 3 products saying to look for the MTC course catalog inside as well as a roadblock on their website that linked to the college’s website. They also over-ran an additional 50,000 copies for the college to distribute to local high school students.

Listen to our phone interview with Pat where he talks more about the sale:

Click the block below to download a copy of Pat’s ad:


Here are some other great ads from November: