P and D of the Year – October Winners

Our winner of the best P and D for October is Trisha Delich in Kansas City for her ad for the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art was showcasing the work of a famous Kansas City artist, Thomas Hart Benton. They were shopping around for marketing options to drive a lot of traffic to the exhibit. Trisha was able to convince them to take advantage of the Kansas City Star’s ability to print 160,000 very high quality 8-page tab pieces, and distribute them across the metro market (with some targeting of higher-income ZIP codes).

Listen to our phone interview with Trisha where she talks more about the sale:

And if you’d like to take Trisha up on her offer to mail you a copy of the piece, just email your address to help@jimhart.com and we’ll get you connected.

Click the block below to download a copy of Trisha’s ad:


Here are some other great ads from October: