P and D of the Year – September Winners

Our winner of the best P and D for September is Stephanie Kravitz for her ad for Charlotte Contemporary, a local arts event.

Charlotte Contemporary was in its first year, and the owner was looking to maximize his exposure. He contacted all of the local media companies, but was very conscious of cost. They arrived at a plan to use 2 P and D drops (targeting high household income ZIP codes) during the month before the event as well as some print advertising in the Charlotte Observer.

As the dates approached, they ended up adding 2 more drop dates that coincided with the other print ads to maximize his exposure to his target market. Overall – a 110,000 piece sale spread over 4 days.

Listen to our phone interview with Stephanie where she talks more about the sale:

Click the block below to download a copy of Stephanie’s ad:


Here are some other great ads from September: