Proposed 2013 Postal Increase

A short video on the proposed 2013 USPS rate increase and a downloadable PDF showing the numbers.

To download a PDF of the numbers, please click here. You may need to right-click the link and choose “Save Target As…” to download onto your computer.

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I've been working with or for newspapers for the past 31 years, the first 15 in advertising, the past 16 years in all areas related to direct marketing. I work with newspapers to improve the ROI for their advertisers. The better return the advertiser gets, the more they will come back and tell their friends.


  1. You are the beacon of knowledge. Glad you are on our team, Jim.

  2. Since the announced Valassis NSA with the USPS, are you aware of any newspapers/newspaper groups being able to negotiate better packages; rates, terms, etc. for themselves based upon what Valassis has been able to garner?

    As always, your videos are so very relevant!

    • Thanks Chris.

      If anything, the NSA has caused a rush to alternate delivery.

      As Valassis has said openly in investor calls “We are the national sales force for the United States Postal Service.” The way the NSA is structured means the USPS feels the same way, they are not going to make it easy for anyone to be able to compete with ‘their sales staff.’
      Following the softened ‘similarly situated’ language in the approval, the only way I can see newspapers qualifying for an NSA would be to take the Sunday preprints they now deliver in the paper and move them to the mail.

      I don’t see anyone doing that any time soon.


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