TMC Implementation Live Regional Kickoff Event Description

Here, you will find a detailed description of what is included with your TMC Implementation event

Purchase of a ticket to a TMC Live Regional Kickoff event includes admission for 2 people from your organization. The guest can be another person from the same newspaper, or someone from another geographically contiguous paper under the same ownership. If you do send two papers, the only thing we ask is to pay the proper price for the combined distribution of all newspapers represented.

Your TMC Live Regional Kickoff Event will be a full day dedicated to demonstrating a whole new way of thinking about your TMC profitability and strategy.

An overview of what you will come away with:

  • We will start with you sending us everything about your TMC Program: P&L, delivery counts by zip code, postal receipts (if you mail), rate cards, and copies of your product. I want to go into the BootCamp with both of us having a very clear view of your market and your current situation.
  • You will understand how to look differently at expenses so they support High Volume Marketplaces instead of making them impossible to create.
  • The pros and cons of postal and carrier delivery. How postage really works with TMC – this surprises even long-term veterans. How to avoid carrier delivery pitfalls.
  • How to take glossy flyers (Print and Deliver) away from nearly any competitor. My P and D program alone generated over 1,000,000,000 (yes, that’s with a B) pieces and $30,000,000 in revenue last year alone.
  • How your shared mail competitors sell, how they price – everything you need to know to be a strong competitor vs. shared mail.
  • We spend nearly half a day focused on your jacket. Much of the money being left on the table comes from a lack of strategy on driving constant growth into this part of the program.
  • The 8 TMC revenue streams with carrier delivery, 5 in the mail. Very few papers are using more than 2.

But this isn’t just a one-day event – it is an Implementation Program. After the Kickoff Event, you will begin a 3-month subscription to our TMC Gamechanger program – including a series of Implementation Webinars that are self-paced and designed to help engage the different people at your paper who need to get on-board and help you navigate the details that make the difference between struggling and taking off.

Webinar topics include:

  • An overview to get everyone on board.
  • Jacket Webinar. Analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of various formats for your market. Rates and FAST Implementation launch plans are laid out in detail.
  • Print and Deliver. There’s over 10 hours of video on our membership site that you will have access to that will walk you through every detail of launching a High Volume P and D program. Our P and D customers sold over 1,000,000,000 pieces of P and D last year, bringing in over $30,000,000. Join the party!
  • P and D Sales Training. This is where the rubber meets the road. You will be able to get the whole sales staff together to learn the finer points of creating results for your customers while driving High Volume for yourselves.
  • Process and Culture. Making changes like this in revenue volume can create a ripple into several areas of your newspaper. We help you prepare for these upfront. They will stop you in your tracks after only modest growth if you don’t see them coming.
  • Preprint Pricing. You will understand how your shared mail competition thinks: how they price things, and how you can be both competitive and profitable.

Register now to reserve your seat and learn the secrets to transforming your TMC.